Bishop of Tanjore , Apostalic Administrator of Trichy Diocese.



Rev.Fr.T.EUGENE , Rector
Contact  Person of Trichy Diocese , Correspondent of St.James Matriculation Hr. Sec. School , Trichirappalli.



Rev.Fr.M.JOHN PETER , Administrator
Correspondent of St.John De Britto Metric Hr. Sec. School,Trichy



Rev.Fr.S.THOMAS ,Correspondent of St.James
Academy , Trichirappalli.



Rev.Fr.G.SAMINATHAN , Committee Member
Director & Secretary, Kalai Kaviri College Of Fine Arts , Trichy.



Rev. Fr. S.INNASIMUTHU , Procurator

Trichirappalli Diocese.



            St. James Academy grows with its team of dedicated, industrious and sincere staff. The school has professionally qualified, well trained, experienced teaching fraternity for various vocations. Teachers of every department adapt and adopt new practices in order to comprehend unique needs, learning style, social and cultural background, interest and abilities of each child.

J.JAQULINE - 6 Mrs. J.JAQULINE IMMACULATE ., M.Com.,M.A(Hist)., M.Ed.,M.Phil(Edn.)
Principal , St.James Academy (CBSE Curriculum) , Trichy

Mrs. Faye Marina White, B.A(Hindi)., MGT.,
(Staff Co-ordinator) , St.James Academy (CBSE Curriculum) , Trichy

  1. Miss. D.Sudha, B.Sc., B.Ed.,
  2. Mrs. I.Mary Christy, B.A(Eco).,M.Ed.,
  3. Mrs. S.Indrani, Montessori Trained
  4. Mrs . A.Henrita Sebastina, M.Sc(, B.Ed., M.Com., M.A(Eco)., M.Phil.,
  5. Mrs. R.Lilly Roseline, B.Sc(Che)., B.Ed.,
  6. Mrs. M.G.Vijayalakshmi, BCA., B.Ed.,
  7. Mrs. L.Cruz Pragasi, B.A(English)., B.Ed.,
  8. Mrs . G.Joice,M.Sc(Maths).,B.Ed.,
  9. Mrs. J.Ruby Christy, M.A(Soc)., B.A(Eng)., B.Ed.,
  10. Mrs. M.Ajantha Mary, B.Lit., B.Ed.,
  11. Mrs. P.Amala, D.T.Ed.,M.A(Tamil)., B.Ed.,
  12. Mrs. D.Vijidha, B.Lit., M.A(Tamil)., B.Ed.,
  13. Mrs. I.Jaculin Suganya, M.Sc(Phy)., B.Ed.,
  14. Mrs. K.Ramani , M.A(Eng)., M.Com., B.Ed.,
  15. Mrs. Ann Mischelle Janes ., B.A(Eng)., M.A(Eng)., B.Ed.,
  16. Mr. T. Suresh Babu., M.A., M.P.Ed.,
  17. Mrs. G.Sumithra., B.Com., D.E.C.E.,
  18. Mrs. J.Deepa Jayarani., M.Sc(Maths)., B.Ed.,
  19. Mrs. W.Gige Benita., B.A(Eco)., M.Lib.Sci., M.Phil.,
  20. Mrs. A.Josephine Voyela Sharmi., B.Sc(Maths)., B.Ed.,
  21. Mrs.  Jane Princy Joseph.,M.C.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.,
  22. Mrs. Sangeetha .P.,M.A., B.Ed.,
  23. Miss.Tabitha Maria Pearley. F., B.A.,B.Ed.,
  24. Mrs. Theresa. S., M.A., B.Ed.,
  25. Mrs. Umeshwari. K., M.A., M.Phil.,B.Ed.,
  26. Miss. Vinodha. P.,, Hindi Praveen
  27. Mr. Deepan Chakkaravarthi. P ., B.A (Admin)., Drawing Hr.Grade
  28. Ms. Bhuvaneswari. M., M.A., M.Phil. B.Ed.,
  29. Ms. Lourdu Mary. T., M.A.,B.Ed.,
  30. Ms. Sophie. A., M.Sc.,B.Ed.,
  31. Ms. Indumathy. R., M.Sc., ( C S)., M.Sc.,( IT)  M.Phil.,B.Ed.,
  32. Ms. Rajalakshmi. S., M.Sc., B.Ed.,
  33. Ms. Annal Anancia. S., M.Sc., , DCA.,B.Ed.,
  34. Ms. Dharani. M., M.A (Eng.,) ., D.T.Ed., Mont. Training
  35. Mr. Martin Louis. A. K., M.Sc., B.Ed.,
  36. Ms. Sheeba Shaini. J., M.A., M.Phil., Mont. Training
  37. Ms. Gladdys Agnes Mary. C ., M.A.,B.Ed.,
  38. Ms. Ragini. P., M.A.,T.T.C
  39. Ms. Saranya. A ., BCA.,B.Ped.,PG.Dip(Yoga)
  40. Ms. Vijayarani. S., M.Com., Mphil., B.Ed.,
  41. Ms. Premalatha. N., B.Sc., (Che).,B.Ed.,
  42. Ms. Vino Gracy. W., M.Sc(Rehab.Sci)
  43. Mr. K.Wilfred John Baptist, M.Sc(Stat & Infor)., P.G.D.C.S.A.,
  44. Mrs. S.R.Meera Bai, B.Com., D.C.P.,
  45. Ms. Latha. R., M.Com.,


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